Short And Sweet Aquatic Exercise Routine

The key thing about exercising in the water is buoyancy or basically less stress on your joints and muscles. Even just running in water is a lot less wear and tear on the joints and muscles.

The cool thing is that water supplies resistance from all angles and vectors, so working out can be more difficult than exercising on dry land. It’s far more hard to slog your way through the length of a swimming pool than it is to run through the air.

The great thing is that a workout in a pool lets you use water resistance for greater stamina and power– or you can use the buoyancy to recuperate from injury.

When I took a aquatic therapy class the high knee lateral march aka jogging in place was pretty standard as a warm up. You stand in the swimming pool with the water about chest height.

Stand in the swimming pool where the water is chest high. Alternate and march your left and right knee up while swinging your arms.

Period: 30 breaths per set, 4 sets.

Horizontal clapping as I call it is pretty great as well. You basically stand straight and bring your palms together and then out again. The faster you move the more resistance the water gives you. The trickiest thing is keeping your balance in the water.

Period: 30 breaths per set, 4 sets.

For the glutes and hips I’ve found that holding onto the edge with both hands and gradually bringing one leg out to each side works great. I’ve heard this helps tone the abs as well.

Period: 30 breaths per set, 4 sets.

For the tricep muscles I found this good version that reminds me of diamond push ups. You stand straight with your open palms down, keeping your elbows locked at your sides like they’re glued to your ribcage you press and breathe out until your hands are close to your hips then you just turn your hands and bring them back to the beginning position. To do the biceps you do pretty much the same thing except your arms are more parallel.

Period: Max, 2 sets

For abs, I like to have my arms on the frame of the pool and lift my knees up. It’s important to keep your belly button tucked in to support your back in this and all the other exercises.

Period: Max, 1 set